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Private Coaching With Laurie

My 6- month private coaching program was designed for motivated warriors who are sick and tired of the fatigue, bloating, anxiety, itchyness, confusion, wrong turns and missteps of fighting Candida overgrowth.

6 Month Private Coaching with Laurie

This is for the person who most likely already has a functional medicine doctor, naturopath, or chiropractor who’s working with her on Candida overgrowth.

You’ve been eating some version of the Anti-Candida diet for a while now.

You might have tried many prescription meds and/or natural anti-fungals already.

But you’re doing EVERYTHING all at once.

It’s what I call “throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.”

You need a systematic, organized program for fighting Candida so it really goes back down to “normal” levels and doesn’t overgrow again.

You also need someone who has the time to get to know you as a person and meet with you a couple times per month to help you keep on track and accountable.

You need someone to give you the tools to figure out exactly what your current level of Candida is so that you can have a better idea of how much longer your fight will go on!

I know first hand that a Candida overgrowth can take over your thoughts and your life, and I have the tools to help you get back to normal with energy, a clear mind, clear sinuses, a calm tummy, and a healthier feeling in your lower parts, if ya know what I mean!

I focus on individual attention and guidance. We’ll map out a strong plan to help you achieve your health goals.

Private coaching with Laurie includes:

My 7 Steps to Kill Candida and Repair Your Gut Online Program, with PDFs, videos, and recipes to take you through each step. (a $1,700 value)

Nine private, strategic coaching calls with Laurie (One 45 to 60-minute coaching call per month for six months and three 20-minute “just in time” calls to use at any time during the six month program), plus summary emails after each call. This is the real meat of the program and where all the magic happens! (a $5,200 value)

Unlimited access to Laurie’s Guts and Glory Galley, her online Facebook community and special, password protected, section of her website with more recipes and “lessons” to help you ease your journey to life without Candida overgrowth and/or IBS. (a $1,000 value)

Unlimited access to Laurie via Voxer, a walkie talkie app that allows us to leave voice messages to each other at any time, day or night. This is the best way to get in touch with me between coaching calls! (a $2,000 value)

Email access to Laurie between coaching calls (a $1,500 value)

Total value: $11,400

Requirements to work with Laurie are:

You must be familiar with and practicing some version of the Anti-Candida diet (relax, I have lots of easy, delicious recipes waiting for you to download)

You must be aware of the possibility of some functional medicine tests (stool test, food sensitivity test, etc.) that we may want to utilize to assess gut health

You must be willing to focus on yourself and your health in order to make improvements

You must understand that all I can do is educate you on how the body responds to Candida, unbalanced bacteria, and parasites, and it’s your job to do all of the work. I can’t do it for you, no matter how much I’d like to

You must show up for yourself

You must be willing and able to invest in chemical-free, pesticide-free foods that are high in nutrients and devoid of sugar

The results are staggering!

When you clean up your gut, kill Candida, and deal with food sensitivities, the results can be staggering!

You will notice your hormones coming back into balance.

Your vaginal yeast will disappear.

Your IBS will improve.

Your will have so much ENERGY!!!

Your moods will brighten.

You will be able to think more clearly.

Your sinus infections and allergies will improve.

Your skin will begin to clear up.

Your desire to have fun will return!

Here’s what Rebecca says about coaching with Laurie

Rebecca, Hannover, Germany

So many things have improved for me since I started learning from Laurie!

OMG! My bloating is totally gone! Because of that, I was able to make much faster progress on my physical therapy for Diastasis Recti (separation of the front abdominal muscles) and now that’s way better too!

No more brain fog and no more reflux!

My hair stopped falling out. It was coming out in handfuls daily ever since I had my son. That’s so embarrassing at the hairdresser! Now my thick, luxurious hair is back!

I had been on allergy meds since age 15. I do not need them anymore because my allergies are GONE!

I used to get a runny nose and sore throat monthly that coincided with my period. I guess my hormones have evened out because that doesn’t happen anymore either. Plus, my ovarian cyst has disappeared!

I used to get regular sinus infections, but I haven’t had one for at least a year!

I even lost 20 very stubborn pounds! Although, that was not really my focus, just a happy side effect of my work with Laurie!

I’m learning so much from Laurie and her gentle support. Best money I’ve ever spent on my health! 


Interested in working with Laurie privately?

Go ahead and schedule a free Repair Your Gut and Regain Your Energy Strategy Session by clicking on the link below. It will take you to Laurie’s calendar to schedule a call.

This call is for serious applicants only. It’s designed to determine if you and Laurie are a good fit to work together in her private coaching program.


Your 6 Month Private coaching investment is

A one-time payment of $3,000

(a generous savings of $300)


6 payments of $550

Yes! I’m ready to work with Laurie!



Raving Fans:

Cathy, Chicago

“Before I started working with Laurie, I had a chronic runny nose and embarrassing Vitiligo. I’d had very little energy, but now, I’m feeling much more like myself again! Energetic and optimistic!

Probably the most surprising thing is that my Vitiligo is almost completely cleared up, and it’s only been about 4 months since I started working with Laurie! I’ve spent YEARS of my life visiting dermatologists, shamans, you name it! And after just 4 months with Laurie, my skin has cleared up like never before!

This program showed me how eating the wrong foods led to my pain, inflammation and fatigue. This is hands-down the best thing I’ve done for myself. Imagine the power of food!”

Sarah, Chicago

“I always generally considered myself to be a fairly healthy person, but I often had an upset stomach, major cravings, and mood swings – all related to diet.

Since working with Laurie, my energy and mood are so much more steady! My stomach doesn’t hurt or feel upset all the time – huge difference!

I feel so much more steady and clear. The fog has lifted!

I love how Laurie is always “real” with you. She’s had (and has!) her own struggles so she understands the realities of life – all the challenges, pitfalls and our excuses for not eating in way that will truly nourish us. She’s been there!

However, she will also be a voice of strength and wisdom, (along with a good dose of sassy humor!) giving you the push you need to choose better for yourself.

Laurie is passionate about what she does and has the knowledge to back up her desire to empower those around her.

Most of all, Laurie has helped me to know and understand my body better. She has helped me distinguish between the false sugar cravings and when my body gives me real signals – I can listen to what my body is actually saying and truly trust myself. That is the most valuable lesson of all!”