Why Do Women Pee on the Trampoline? - Laurie Seely

Why Do Women Pee on the Trampoline?

Feb 3, 2020 | 0 comments

What's Up Down There?

In this week’s podcast, I get the honor of interviewing my podcast partner, Nicole Buratti! Nicole is a bad-ass babe who started her career in the fashion industry and somehow wove her way through to being a sex and relationship expert and coach. She knows a ton about hormones, pelvic floor, and…. ummmmm… nipple stimulation. Just click on the photo above to listen. Then, find it on your favorite podcast app, download, like it, and subscribe. That helps other people find us more easily.

We get down and dirty and a little technical about accidental pee and achieving orgasm without touching the usual “parts.”

I’m gonna be honest with you… Nicole is an old hat at interviewing people on podcasts. She’s had a podcast before and is currently hosting one on her own called “Sex Talk With Nicole.” But this is a first for me. So, I’m asking you to bear with me as I navigate this whole podcasting/interviewing people thing. I’m still learning and really having a blast at this! And I promise it will get better!

About the Show…

Yes, that is me singing the theme song. My good friend, Jeffrey Burkel composed it for me, including the lyrics, just because he loves me, and I asked him to. He’s the most musically talented and creative person I know, so of course, I asked him if he would do me that huge favor. He was able to do it in exactly the style I wanted and included butt sex, oral sex, poopy underpants, masturbation, and IBS, all in code words that my daughter didn’t catch, and all in a hilarious way! Jeff is my HERO!

Next week, Nicole will interview me. We’re going to cover my history with IBS and Candida and get into some specifics on the latter.

We’re trying to keep our talk about these subjects light so you all will be less afraid and more encouraged to talk about your problems and bring them out into the light without shame or embarrassment.

Everybody poops. Everybody wants enjoyable sex. We’re here to help.



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Laurie Seely

Laurie Seely