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Riana Milne: Life Dating and Relationship Coach

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Riana Milne: Life Dating and Relationship Coach

Unresolved Childhood Trauma Impacts Your Adult Life More Than You Might Realize

“Research shows, if you had childhood trauma, so did your mom and dad and it goes through three generations, at least.  So if you don’t do anything to stop it, you usually, then, your kids start having childhood trauma, with anger outbursts, or isolation, or depression, or anxiety, and it keeps going and going until you stop the pattern.”

Are childhood traumas holding you back in life, love and work?  Laurie’s guest this week, Riana Milne, Certified Global Life & Love Coach, a Cert. Clinical Trauma & Addictions Professional, a Certified Mindfulness Coach, helps clients, in-person and online, resolve childhood trauma to help them reach their full potential, in life, love, and career.  Even if you believe you had a wonderful childhood, there could be some childhood traumas you may not be aware of, and it is very helpful to have a coach that can help you identify what they are, so you can find out how they are affecting you as an adult.

Identify the Childhood Trauma In Order To Heal From It

“So when I put all my real work experience together with my research, it was very clear and evident that 9 out of 10 people suffer as an adult in life, love, or business success due to past, unhealed childhood trauma.  And most of the whole situation was so unconscious because it became normalized when they were a kid and some of the acting out behaviors happen because of coping strategies, that, as in the child’s mind, they developed to help navigate their way when things were difficult.”

Did you know the are 10 kinds of childhood trauma?  Riana explains what they are on the podcast and how she helps clients find out what their childhood traumas are and how you can find out too.  Riana helps both singles and couples see how their childhood traumas might have made them develop coping mechanisms that are not beneficial to their relationships and helps them heal from those traumas.

Riana helps clients through re-education and “re-parenting” and teaches them to start living more consciously and start owning their behaviors and knowing where they come from.  Once you know what is causing a behavior, you can figure out how to solve it and it is so important to break the cycle of childhood trauma, because then it will just continue on and on and cause pain to future generations.  Riana also urges parents to be conscious of their children’s behavior and any changes and to get them help if they need it.

Effects of Trauma on Mind and Body

”Cortisol is a fight or flight response chemistry in the body that protects you as a human.  But you’re not supposed to have it elevated all the time.”

One of the lasting effects of childhood trauma is stress.  Stress raises your cortisol levels and and it can affect you emotionally and physically, by causing stomach aches, weight gain weight loss, migraines, and causing one to get easily frustrated.  Riana explains, “when the cortisol is up, also, rational thinking is down.  You’re not in your best mindset to make good decisions.”  Riana also noted that If childhood trauma is not resolved, it can also result in early disease, “chronic illnesses like diabetes, even Alzheimmers,”  Find out about all this the 10 childhood traumas, and so much more on this insightful episode of the “What’s Up Down There?” podcast!

Riana is a Certified Global Life & Love Coach, a Cert. Clinical Trauma & Addictions Professional, a Certified Mindfulness Coach, #1 Bestselling author, the Host of her Podcast called Lessons in Life & Love™, an Educational Speaker, and Licensed Mental Health Counselor for over 20 years living in Palm Beach County, Florida.

She was also a Life & Dating Coach for the Docu-Series; Radical Dating – Finding Lasting Love Over 40 (and her client is now happily married!). Riana specializes in those who have had past Childhood or Relationship Trauma; and offers Coaching programs for both singles & couples globally through LifeandLoveTrainingAcademy.com .

Riana’s free App: Lessons in Life & Love on the Go! offers many videos and her podcast. Her 5-star rated books; the #1 Bestseller, LOVE Beyond Your Dreams – Break Free of Toxic Relationships to Have the Love You Deserve – and LIVE Beyond Your Dreams – from Fear and Doubt to Personal Power, Purpose, and Success addresses Life Difficult Transitions, Personal Transformation, The Mindset for Success, and having Loving Conscious Relationships with yourself and others.

*Many issues in one’s adult life are due to unresolved childhood trauma.
*How Riana helps couples through “re-parenting” and teaching how to live consciously.
*The effects of stress on mind, body, and relationships.
*Children develop coping mechanisms that can affect their relationships when they become adults.
*If you’re a parent, get your child help if they need it.
*Toxic behaviors in relationships usually come out later on in the relationship.
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