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Mollie McGlockin: Sleep Is A Skill

May 11, 2020 | 0 comments

Mollie McGlockin: Sleep Is A Skill

“In order to win the nights, you have to really win your days.”

How good has your sleep been lately?  

Did you know there is much more to getting good, quality sleep than just the number of hours of sleep you get?  Mollie McGlockin provides so much knowledge on this topic on the podcast this week!  Mollie is the creator of Sleep Is A Skill, a company that optimizes how people sleep through a unique blend of technology, accountability, and behavioral change.    

“The whole conversation around Sleep Is A Skill is that so much of this is about behavioral change as well, and how challenging is behavioral change often?  But if you get the bio feedback element, then you see in black and white, ‘Oh my god, I play a role in these results.’”

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Using Her Own Sleep Struggles To Help Others

As a former insomniac, Mollie knows the struggles of not getting sleep all too well.  Through her work and research to help her own insomnia, she has discovered many factors that go into a good night’s rest, such as when you eat

“If you are finding that some of your strongest hunger hormones are happening at night, it’s a really good sign that things can be a little out of whack with your circadian rhythm and that’s a thing you might want to take more seriously.”

Constant Traveler?  You Could Be Messing Up Your Quality Of Sleep

For those who travel a lot like Mollie does, you know all too well how that can completely mess up your circadian rhythm.  We are all familiar with the term, “jet-lag,” but have you head of “social jet-lag” or “metabolic jet-lag?”

“Social jet-lag is kind of this self-created jet-lag that, you know, suddenly, we’ve gone to bed, what?  Three to four hours later than we might normally depending on your age bracket or what you’re up to, so then what you’re dealing with is now, you’ve been thrown off on your schedule and it’s akin to going from whatever, New York to California, or something to that nature and the impact that that has and then, in addition, it can bring about what’s called metabolic jet-lag.”

Tune into this fun and interesting episode as host, Laurie Seely, speaks with Mollie McGlockin, creator of Sleep Is A Skill, about the many ways we can empower ourselves and improve our sleep, which in turn, will greatly improve our quality of life.

Key Points:

• Dealing with insomnia.
• Good sleep is a learnable skill.
• Body temperature impacts sleep.
• Regulating circadian rhythm with light.
• Constant traveling and, how social jet-lag can bring about metabolic jet-lag.
• What Glymphatic drainage is.
• Utilizing circadian rhythm fasting for better sleep.
• How the Oura ring can help health/ nutrition coaches better serve their clients by providing accountability and partnership.

Mollie’s company, Sleep Is A Skill was born from “scratching her own itch” after a lifetime of poor sleep habits culminated into a mega-challenging bout of insomnia for months without end. With a background in psychology & human behavior, she went down the rabbit hole to solve her own sleep disturbances without sleeping aids. She became fascinated with chronobiology, and by extension, its practical applications to restore a state of homeostasis not only to her sleep but also to her life as a whole. Knowing the difference between a life with sleep and without, she’s now dedicated her life to sharing the forgotten skill set of sleep.

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