Lisa Erickson: Energy Worker - Laurie Seely

Are you an overachiever? …

There’s nothing you can change with some things; all you can do is change how you react.

How are you managing your stress and anxiety?

Sometimes big events that happen in your life lead you to where you are.

Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed?

The good news is- you can become more centered and reduce your stress

In this episode, host Laurie Seely speaks with Lisa Erickson, energy worker, specializing in women’s energetics and sexual trauma healing, they discuss….

• Lisa shares her inspiring story and how it led her to where she is today
• Learn techniques to stay centered and reduce stress
• Sexual trauma and healing

Tune into this 40-minute episode + I speak with Lisa Erickson + she shares how you can reduce your stress during this difficult and scary time in the world.

Key Points:

• There are some things in life that we can’t change but we can change how we react to the situations to bring more positive vibes.
• Stress and energy can cause you to gut health issues.
• With the Coronavirus spreading, we need to manage our anxiety and stress levels to avoid compromising our immune systems.
• If you are living with a high level of anxiety, it impacts everything in your life.
• Advice to reduce stress during this scary moment in the world is by avoiding reading every link and news article.
• Find an activity that counters your anxiety and make a nurturing environment. These can include meditation and mindfulness exercises.
• Doing a cleanse can help you feel better and become centered again.
• Spring Equinox is traditionally a time to do a cleanse,
• Chakras are energy centers in our body.
• You can use Chakras as focal points for meditation.
• Each energy center in your body links to other organs and body parts. When you engage with the energy center you are able to take control of your emotional state as well.
• Women’s bodies tend to soak up emotion more and have more energy based on emotion.
• We need to have control of our emotional energy, allow other people to have their own energy and not feel responsible for anyone else’s energy.
• Our bodies are anchored to a foundation for our entire body tending to be more fluid and susceptible to outside forces.
• Your energy is anchored to your reproductive system and if something is negatively impacting you, it can have a negative effect.
• In pre-menopause, there is an energy shift in women including energy called Kundalini.
• There are many ways to control your energy shift in different changes in your life including pre-menopause.
• After sexual trauma women tend to have a hard time with their energies, staying present through anxiety, stress, fear and other survival mechanisms.
• After sexual trauma, you can begin to feel lost, have low energy and feel unbalanced within yourself. You can overcome this with support and finding a new way to cope with different activities etc.
• The last piece of advice from Lisa, stop engaging in the news. Breathe and open to the idea of Chakras to understand your energy within yourself.
• You can find Lisa’s book called Chakra Empowerment for Women on Amazon and in Barnes and Noble.
• You can reach out to Lisa on her website at or