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Kristine Travis: Divorce Coach

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Kristine Travis: Divorce Coach


“There’s people who go from giving each other the bird and can’t stand each other, to actually being in the same room.”

Can a divorce be positive instead of negative and toxic?

Stress within a marriage can take a big effect on your personal life and all other aspects of your life.

Staying in a toxic marriage can cause stress and bad habits to form.

Your divorce doesn’t have to be negative and a bad situation….

But if you’re focused on your divorce being negative, it will eventually get there so focus on the good and positives.

In this episode, host Laurie Seely speaks with Kristine Travis, divorce coach and they discuss….

• Kristine shares her story and how it led her to divorce coaching
• Ways to help keep stress levels down
• How to handle divorce in a more positive way
• How to avoid a “nasty” divorce

Tune into this 60-minute episode + I speak with Kristine Travis, divorce coach + she shares about divorce and ways you can make it positive instead of a negative situation

Key Points:

• Stress causes you to have gut issues including bloating, constipation, diarrhea, etc.
• Divorce comes with a lot of buildup stress and negativity.
• Life experiences can help you through your divorce.
• A business blueprint is when you go through and understand what you want to give as value to others.
• Embrace the situations going on with your life and turn them into positive situations!
• An amicable divorce is a mutual agreement between a married couple.
• You can develop very bad habits to try and cope with stress from trying to stay in a marriage.
• Always take advice from others that have had a positive outcome in scenarios.
• Finding ways to cope and work together can help keep divorce from being negative and having bad effects.
• Sometimes people find themselves being more stressed staying in a bad marriage rather then getting it done sooner and moving on.
• You have the power to handle yourself and your reactions. How you react can dictate how certain things go.
• Sometimes people can feel a sense of embarrassment or a feeling of failure during a divorce.
• Having support during your divorce is very important.
• Amicable divorce looks different for everyone!
• Kristine shares a special tip for someone going through a divorce with functioning shock.
• Kristine has a course all about divorce. She shares ways to understand your divorce goals and more!
• Check out the additional content where Laurie and Kristine speak about Laurie’s personal divorce and share tips on how to get to an amicable divorce.

Links to get in touch with Kristine Travis:

Sales page for my course is:

Company website:

IG: @1lifestrategy



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