It’s not about how you look

Feb 19, 2020 | 0 comments

It's not about how you look

Our guest this week is Suzanne Pool, Women’s Sexual Empowerment Coach. She’s our very first guest on the podcast, and we had such a great time interviewing her!

Topics covered:

Her dry years & low libido in her 30’s (who can’t relate at least a little bit to THAT?)

Your attractiveness doesn’t have anything to do with your size or how you look. It’s all in how you feel about yourself and your level of confidence.

How Suzanne changed her mindset and GOT LAID! Started exercising again, started eating healthy… sleeps better… the virtuous circle

Exploring different types of sexual energy: domination and submission, exploring your own boundaries, the level of trust that develops when you allow someone to tie you up and cause you pain: pushing that boundary but also having the ability to say no when it gets to be too much…

Are British men submissive in the bedroom??

Memorable quotes:

Find that mojo again and get your sexy back!

It doesn’t matter how old you are, what you look like… feeling good about yourself is what’s important.

You’re okay, and then you can find the love of your life. – Suzanne Pool

What happens when you’re trying to improve your sex life with your partner of many years? You don’t want to hurt their feelings by telling them you need something different than what they’ve always done. But maybe you’re going through menopause, and you’re dry now, and you need them to play with you in a different way. You can bring these things up in conversation.

And so much more!!!

The audio for this one is kinda off. Please forgive it. They’re not all like this! It was an oops that we figured out later, but it’s such a great interview that we sacrificed the sound for an inspiring message.

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Laurie Seely

Laurie Seely