How H pylori Overgrowth Can Ruin Your Gut - Laurie Seely

How H pylori Overgrowth Can Ruin Your Gut

Mar 4, 2020 | 0 comments

H pylori


Our guest this week is Gayle Arnold, Certified Applied Functional Medicine Coach. She and I studied at the very same school, so the way she sees the body and how it works as one whole unit really speaks to me.

H pylori and more…

In this episode, we cover lots of things including H pylori overgrowth and:

Why we need really strong stomach acid. Proton pump inhibitors are not the answer! Usually, we have reflux because of weak stomach acid. Sounds strange, right? We explain it in the episode!

SIBO: Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth = not too much bacteria, but the wrong kind of bacteria in the wrong place: Those bacteria eat carbs in the small intestine and fart and poop, causing discomfort for the human housing them. They need to be escorted into the large intestine, where they belong.

H pylori: endemic bacteria that belongs in the gut (just like the yeast Candida) but becomes a problem when it gets overgrown. It gets overgrown when our habits kill our beneficial bacteria, making it harder for the beneficial bacteria to keep the h-pylori in check. These habits include exposure to pesticides, oral contraceptives, antibiotic medications, steroids, chronic stress, holding onto toxins etc.

Gayle shares a story of a past client who had an H pylori overgrowth. It will be good to listen to this one to see if maybe it sounds like you!

In the end, you’ll know you’re in the right place because you’re becoming a more educated health consumer!

Boy, we got all pissed off and off track this week, but it was fun!



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