How do we encourage others to care about their health?

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How do we encourage others to care about their health? I don’t know if I’m going to actually answer this question. I think this post is more to help me think and to solicit suggestions from you, dear readers.

2 Lovely Ladies

I want to tell you guys a little story this week. It’s about 2 lovely ladies I met during my recent trip to Florida to scout apartments for my big move.

These ladies happen to work in the office of one of the apartment complexes I was checking out. It was raining pretty hard outside, and they were unable to take me around the property for liability reasons, so we just sat inside and talked.

Lovely Lady #2 and Her Thyroid

I asked lady #1 to show me some pictures of the apartments since I couldn’t go see them.  

While she was locating the photos I requested, I began complimenting lady #2 on her gorgeous hair. I mean, it really is spectacular. Long, brown, and flowing with a slight wave. Exactly the hair I wish I had!

Anyway, she said it used to be so much thicker, and it was falling out!

So, because I’m me, and my health coach side is never far below the surface, I inquired about her thyroid.

She said she did indeed have thyroid issues, including Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

I seem to remember her mentioning a sort of fight to get the right tests for her thyroid and switching doctors at least twice before she found someone who was willing to even do the right tests!

After her diagnosis, she’d been doing really well, eating a mostly veggie diet with no wheat and no processed foods for a couple years. She’d even lost a bunch of weight, which she seemed really pleased about! And her luscious hair had grown back in!

We Can’t Always be Perfect

But she went through a very stressful divorce recently and gave up on the healthy diet. She resorted to easy comfort foods that she knew took a toll on her health, and now, she was up 20-30 pounds with her hair falling out in clumps daily.

She was sort of confessing to me that the pizza and processed foods were not worth the suffering she’s going through now, and she was well on her way to better habits.

This I fully understand. We can’t always be perfect. Sometimes we go through stresses that derail our health and helpful habits. Then we pick ourselves up again and move forward in a positive way. I get it.

Lady #1 and Her Gut

Well, then, she told me that Lady #1 has Celiac disease, and she’s eating all of the wheat and processed foods without restraint. #1 explained that she has diarrhea even with avoiding gluten, so why bother. Whaaat?!?

Wow. So much to unpack here.

I’ve been thinking about these 2 lovely ladies ever since that rainy day in their office.

First of all, she did say that she’d never given up gluten and dairy at the same time. Well, hello!

If you have Celiac, you have leaky gut, and you will develop sensitivities to foods other than gluten. That’s a fact.

I don’t really understand how #1 could keep eating foods she knows are messing with her gut in such a tangible way. Maybe she’s used to daily diarrhea? Maybe she’s never seen someone die of colon cancer like I have, so she’s not scared of it?

What Do I Say to Help Her?

What do I say to her? I don’t know her, but I care for her, and I want her to be well and feel good and live long.

She’s so young and so tired all the time. She’s not absorbing the few nutrients she’s eating.

Can someone help me understand why this is an acceptable way to live when she can be so much more full of energy and life force (and not having scary, liquid poop every day) if she just made a few simple diet changes?

Maybe someone reading this has been in #1’s shoes and someone did or said the right thing to get them to change their habits and improve their health?

Who wants to fill me in on this? Enlighten me?

How do we help people to care about themselves enough to do the work and clean up their gut so that they can be free and awake and happy and energetic?

I really do want to ask for your help with this question. What have you seen work? What did someone say to you that finally flipped the switch? Does the desire have to come from within? Let’s start a conversation about this!

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