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I’m so glad you’re here…

Your gut is the epicenter of your immune system, and without a strong, healthy gut, you’ll end up suffering with numerous possible symptoms and autoimmune dis-eases.

Every day, I see people who feel awful… they’re tired… they’re in pain – I’m just gonna say it – they’re stuck near the bathroom, because they still don’t know how to get rid of their symptoms.

On the one hand, they feel like they’re doing the work, searching for Anti-Candida recipes online, following the advice the health gurus give them…

But on the other hand, they’re exhausted and crying in the grocery store, like I was.

Frustrated doesn’t even begin to describe it.

It breaks my heart.

I’ve been coaching clients for years, and they’ve expressed so much despair with the Anti-Candida diet. It can be very depressing.

It’s mostly because they’re looking in the wrong places for recipes or finding recipes that are so complicated (or so very boring) that it makes them lose their joy around food.

So, what can I do about it???

Lemme tell ya…

It only takes a second to transport myself back there in my mind – to a time when I was tired and itchy every single day – wondering if I would be able to stick to this diet long enough to beat my Candida into submission, crying in the grocery store.

Wondering where to find recipes that actually tasted good, that my family would share with me.

Don’t even get me STARTED on making one thing for myself and a whole OTHER thing for them! Oh Hells, no!


I’ll never be too far removed to relate to those feelings, both because I can feel those memories all the way to my bones, and because I know how hopeful I was back then when I finally found just a few recipes that we could all eat.

It was reassuring to know that someone out there was developing recipes devoid of sugar, high in vegetables, that actually tasted great! I clung to that because sometimes it was all I had.

But I still only had just a handful of meals that we all enjoyed. I was still occasionally cooking two separate meals. Ugh. I was a short order cook in my own home.

And I still didn’t have that one person… That one person who understood what it was like to be me because she had gone through the same thing. That one person who knew what I could do to repair my gut because she had gone through training to help people like me.

Then, I found her. Laaaaaaa! (Angels singing)

I found my health coach! She led me through a step by step system to kill Candida and repair my gut, and she gave me some more great recipes to keep me sane with this crazy Anti-Candida diet. And… she was crazy expensive, I’m not gonna lie. And it was a DIY program with no personal support, so I had to interpret it on my own. Even so, I got a lot out of it. But…

My goal is to offer you WAY more support

WAY more recipes

WAY more access to me and my knowledge and expertise

For WAY less money

I know you are a strong Candida Warrior, and you have a deep desire to kill Candida and repair your gut, and I know that you believe the Anti-Candida diet is a big part of doing that.

Because Candida can impact your life in so many big ways:

You’re feeling tired, constipated, itchy, stuffed up, foggy, achy, and stiff.

You’re scared of being too far from a toilet, so you don’t travel or go for walks much.

You’re not comfortable with oral sex right now because you’re afraid you’ll give your partner oral thrush.

Heck, you’re not comfortable with sex at all right now!

Your chronic sinus infections and sinus pressure is driving you insane.

You can’t remember why you walked into a room half of the time.

You don’t have the energy to play with your kids at the park.

And you know that along with the anti-fungals and the probiotics and the bone broth, if you’re going to be a Candida warrior, you MUST stick to this diet that can feel very restrictive at times.

And it’s extra hard because your family doesn’t eat the way you know you should to fight Candida, so you might have some meals now and then that get you off track.

And you’re sick of cooking separate meals for yourself all the time!

It doesn’t have to be that way, and The Guts and Glory Galley can bridge the gap for you!

What is the Guts and Glory Galley?

The Guts and Glory Galley is 2 things:

It’s a private, paid Facebook group where you can ask me questions and get real coaching that I don’t offer on my free page. It’s also a smaller group of people, so if you participate, you can find friends who are going through something very similar or who have already resolved their Candida or IBS and can give you support and hope!

It’s also a secret area of my website that I use to further support people who are members of my 7 Steps to Kill Candida and Repair Your Gut Program.

It has tons of Anti-Candida recipes that help you to save time in the kitchen so that you can spend more time with your loved ones. No more searching endlessly online for recipes that follow your strict guidelines for starving Candida! You will find everything you need right there in the meal maps WITH GROCERY LISTS BUILT RIGHT IN!!! 

The Galley is only open to people who are members of my online program and/or my private coaching. It’s just another way that I support you with valuable resources when you’re part of my tribe!

Here’s What’s Included in The Guts and Glory Galley:

tongue-outCandida Warrior meal maps, with “cook once, eat at least twice” baked right in so that you don’t spend 30 minutes in the kitchen before each and every meal

kissA private Facebook community for extra support and accountability

laughingAccess to PDFs from my personal stash, with education around detox support, pH testing, supplements, constipation/diarrhea relief and much more

Raving Fans:

“Before I started working with Laurie, I had a chronic runny nose and embarrassing Vitiligo. I’d had very little energy, but now, I’m feeling much more like myself again! Energetic and optimistic!

Probably the most surprising thing that came from cleaning up my diet is that my Vitiligo is almost completely cleared up! It’s only been about 4 months since I started eating this way. I’ve spent YEARS of my life visiting dermatologists, shamans, you name it! And 4 months of this new diet has cleared up my skin like nothing else could!

This program showed me how eating the wrong foods led to my pain, inflammation and fatigue. This is hands-down the best thing I’ve done for myself. Imagine the power of food!”

Cathy, Chicago

“I always generally considered myself to be a fairly healthy person, but I often had an upset stomach, major cravings, and mood swings – all related to diet.

Since working with Laurie, my energy and mood are so much more steady! My stomach doesn’t hurt or feel upset all the time – huge difference!

I feel so much more steady and clear. The sugar fog has lifted!

I love how Laurie is always “real” with you. She’s had (and has!) her own struggles so she understands the realities of life – all the challenges, pitfalls and our excuses for not eating in way that will truly nourish us. She’s been there!

However, she will also be a voice of strength and wisdom, (along with a good dose of sassy humor!) giving you the push you need to choose better for yourself.

Laurie is passionate about what she does and has the knowledge to back up her desire to empower those around her.

Most of all, Laurie has helped me to know and understand my body better. She has helped me distinguish between the false sugar cravings and when my body gives me real signals – I can listen to what my body is actually saying and truly trust myself. That is the most valuable lesson of all!”

Sarah, Chicago

I Can’t Wait to Do This With You!

PS: Still have questions about whether the Guts and Glory Galley is right for you? Check our FAQs below or free to email me directly at

FAQs: The Scoop on Common Questions About the Galley

Do I need to suffer from Candida to benefit from The Guts and Glory Galley?

Not at all! The beautiful recipes and valuable support and education in the membership will benefit anyone with a body who wants to work on improving their gut health.

I already have a doctor/ naturopath/ chiropractor etc. who’s helping me with my gut health. Will the Galley benefit me?

ABSOLUTELY! YOU are who I built the site for! Many of my clients have a doctor who’s helping them, but they need more support than they can get from a doctor who sees them for 10-30 minutes every 3-12 months.

You need someone who can answer your questions. Someone you can check in with when you need to see if you’re on the right track. PLUS, the recipes! Ah, the recipes!

How much time do I need to carve out and devote to this?

As with anything in life, the more you put into the program, the more you’ll get out. It’s your choice how much you want to participate or not in the Facebook group – and obviously we strongly recommend you take full advantage of everything you’ll be gaining access to! But between the meal maps, done for you shopping lists, and cook once – eat twice training, The Galley will actually save you time!

I’m on the fence about this membership. Can’t I just work with you privately?

If you want more personal attention, consider a VIP day with me or 1:1 coaching.

If you aren’t sure this is the right course for you, email me at and ask me anything. Let me know where you’re not feeling totally clear that this is your next step. We don’t want you to sign up for anything that isn’t a fit for you. I’ll answer any questions you have, so you can feel confident in your choice.

What if I still have questions?

Shoot me an email at – I’ll answer personally! Or, if you prefer, you can message me on Facebook at– that’s my personal profile and I’m very accessible there as well.