Genital Yeast and Sinus Infections

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Genital yeast and sinus infections are both very common symptoms of fungal Candida overgrowth. Many people have misconceptions about why that is and how to deal with them, and I’d like to shed some light on the situation.

Low levels of bacteria in the vagina

Did you know that genital yeast can occur because of low levels of beneficial bacteria in the vagina? Yup. Kinda the same as how it can happen in the gut.

I used to think that my recurring vaginal yeast infections happened because I wasn’t washing well enough. Well, that thinking got me into some trouble. The more I washed, the worse the problem became!

You see, we need beneficial bacteria in the vagina too! (mostly lactobacillus)

And the more lactobacillus you have in your gut, the more you have in your vagina.


For reals.

That’s why in my 7 Steps to Kill Candida Program, once my clients have killed a portion of their Candida, they begin to replenish the gut with probiotics.

Why does fungal yeast hang out in the vagina and nasal cavities?

Fungal yeast hangs out in the vagina and nasal cavities because

  • They are empty spaces that it can move into.
  • It loves warm, wet places.

When a person has an overgrowth of fungal Candida, it is likely they will have frequent sinus infections. Fungal Candida tends to travel out of the intestines (because it creates leaky gut which provides those nice big holes to climb through) and into the rest of the body, searching for a nice place to live.

When it finds the lovely warm moist caverns of the nasal cavities, it sets up shop and irritates the delicate lining there, creating nasal swelling and discharge.

What to do about vaginal yeast symptoms

The number one most important thing you can do to combat vaginal yeast symptoms and make sure they don’t come back is to follow a systematic approach to killing Candida and repairing the gut.

Unfortunately, this can take 4 months to 1 year, and in the meantime, you gotta take care of that itch! Am I right?

Vaginal Yeast Soother

This little concoction feels very soothing when one is suffering from vaginal yeast:

.5-1 tsp of plain full fat yogurt (no added chemicals or sweeteners)

1 capsule probiotic high in lactobacillus, opened up, spilled out, and mixed in with the yogurt

Put this on the end of a tampon (one without bleach) and insert it overnight

This is seriously soothing for the terrible discomfort associated with vaginal yeast.

You can also try (not on the same night) inserting a peeled clove of garlic overnight. This helps to kill Candida residing in the vagina. It may sting a bit at first, but it will subside after about 15 minutes or less.

You will notice the taste of garlic in your mouth almost immediately. Isn’t it crazy how intricately the entire body is connected?

Homeopathic remedies for vaginal yeast symptoms

Along with the above, you might be interested in using a homeopathic remedy. Check out this article which explains some remedies that are appropriate for vaginal itch and discharge accompanied by some other very specific symptoms.


Homeopathic remedies for symptoms of vaginal yeast can be very helpful to ease discomfort while fighting systemic Candida.

What to do about fungal sinus infections

Some people might suggest using a neti pot. I suggest avoiding the neti pot when your sinuses are already irritated. In my experience, it just makes the situation worse. I usually reserve the neti pot for times when my sinuses are clear and healthy to irrigate and keep them clear of foreign invaders.

Here again, I want to direct you to an article I found that mentions some homeopathic remedies:


For a sinus infection caused by fungal Candida, refer in the article to #14 for Sinus Infections due to Fungal Growth.

For lasting relief, keep fighting the systemic Candida

Now, all of these suggestions are just temporary. While they are very helpful for relief of symptoms of systemic fungal Candida, you must continue to fight Candida with diet, anti-fungals, and probiotics if you don’t want to keep chasing symptoms for the rest of your life!

Please let me know if you want to learn more about my 7 Steps to Kill Candida and Repair Your Gut! Shoot me an email at laurie@laurieseely.com.



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