Family Members and Friends Who “Don’t Get it”

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Family members and friends who “don’t get it”

We’re deep in the midst of the holiday season, when we’re faced with situations in which we’re up against family members and friends who “don’t get it.” They don’t get why it’s so important to avoid sugar, to not even have just a little, even if it is only to make them feel better…

It’s difficult to be the only one, or one of few, in a holiday gathering who is trying to eat healthy or avoid sugar. It seems like we’re making it difficult for everyone else by not drinking alcohol or not eating the cookies or the mac and cheese.

It’s your business and nobody else’s

Guess what… what you choose to put in your own body is nobody else’s business. It is not your job to make others feel better about their poor choices by making poor choices of your own.

Hold this knowledge close to your heart during this challenging season.

Don’t offer unwanted information

Be aware that you can actually hurt a person by offering too much information on a subject about which they are not ready to learn.

I made that mistake while explaining my choices to others while I was fighting Candida. I inevitably, inadvertently, explained why the thing they were eating was horrible for my body and theirs.

This made everyone feel bad.

Try to avoid this mistake.

Stick to saying phrases like this:

“I’m avoiding sugar right now. It’s very important for a health issue I’m going through.”

“I’m on a very special health kick, and I can’t afford to take even a short break from it.”

“I’m focusing on my health right now.”

And leave it at that. If they ask more questions… like if they seem concerned that maybe they should learn more about what you’re doing so they can improve their own health… only then do I think it constructive to go deeper into the subject.

I can’t tell you how many times I got deep into a conversation with someone about Candida and what it does to the body and how important it was for me to not fall off the wagon… someone who probably also had a Candida overgrowth but didn’t know it… someone who couldn’t care less and walked away hurt and confused.

Please don’t make this same mistake.

Other’s poor choices need not be your poor choices

Please don’t take responsibility for making others feel comfortable about their poor choices by joining in and making poor choices of your own. Hold your ground and keep fighting!

It will be so worth it when, next holiday season, you can bring a fun paleo dessert to share and have that nice glass or two of wine without having a relapse of Candida overgrowth. Because you held strong to your convictions, followed the plan, and won your fight against Candida!



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Laurie Seely

Laurie Seely