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Dr. Kate Ricciardi: Integrative Nutrition Specialist

Jun 23, 2020 | 0 comments

Dr. Kate Ricciardi: Integrative Nutrition Specialist

“We can’t have better digestion if we don’t have a plan.”

Good Gut Health Is Essential    

Our body is made up of different systems that all work together and affect one another, but many times, people see the systems in our bodies as separate and neglect certain aspects of our bodies, which wreaks havoc in other areas.  This week’s guest on “What’s Up Down There,” Dr. Kate Ricciardi, just like Laurie, knows the importance of gut health and has seen firsthand how it affects her clients.

After years of struggling with her own chronic health conditions, Dr. Kate Ricciardi knew something had to change. Through her own health journey and being told “there’s nothing we can do” “everything looks normal” “you’re just busy, stressed, and tired” she knew there had to be more.  Sick of the cookie cutter, generalized recommendations she had been receiving, Dr. Ricciardi sought to discover the root of her problems.  And that turned gut health from unpredictable and stressful to calm and controlled.

When she felt like she got her confidence and energy back, Dr. Ricciardi created an environment where women feel heard and supported. Where women are seen as more than their diagnosis and they can find the root cause of their pain, digestive distress, struggles with weight, hormones, and fatigue through food and her Root Method approach to help women thrive in their bodies.

Her passion is helping women to feel confidence and certainty in health because our health impacts all the areas of our lives.

Feed Your Body Right, Have a Better Life

Every body is different, so you have to figure out what foods are best for you so you can have more of those, as well as which ones are not good for you so you can have less of those.  Figuring which food are beneficial for one’s self is Dr. Ricciardi does to help her clients.  When she worked with the geriatric population, she noticed those who really made good nutrition a priority had more energy and were just overall healthier than those who hadn’t. 

“I had women who always grew their own food in their garden, and exercised, played tennis, ran, golfed, whatever.  And they got into their ’80s and ’90s, like spring chickens”

Stress Affects Your Body, Not Just Your Mind

Are there little things in your every day life that just annoy you or stress you out?   If possible, you should try to resolve those stressors and annoyances, because too many of those can add up and cause bigger issues.  Take care of as many of those small stressors as you can, as soon as you are able to, so life does not become so overwhelming and affect your health.  

”Those little stresses, like ‘Oh my gosh,we’re out of toilet paper,’ you know, or ‘I have to change the hand soap again,’ like those little things, they eat away at you, and like, that’ still going to fire that ‘fight or flight’ response, and it’s going to increase that cortisol, and it’s going to increase inflammation.”

Learn more about how Dr. Kate’s helps clients with her Root Method and so much more on this week’s episode of “What’s Up Down There?” Check it out on the podcast player and make sure to grab Dr. Ricciardi’s freebie below!

Key Points:

• Inflammation is the root of a lot of health issues.
• Getting information from the wrong tests could cause things to get unnecessarily eliminated from your diet.
• Remove offending foods from your diet and replace them with foods that are better for you.
• It’s important to find out what is causing your stress in order to relieve it and stop the effects of stress on your body.
• Little stressors you ignore could build up and add unnecessary stress.
• Taking care of yourself is important because you can’t help others if you’re not feeling good.
• How Kate helps client find the “why” of their health issues.

Get in touch with Dr. Kate Ricciardi:

*FREEBIE: https://www.rdnutritionconsulting.com/digestive-tune-up-challenge

*WEBSITE: https://www.rdnutritionconsulting.com/

*INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/drkatericciardi/

*FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/drkatericciardi/

*PINTEREST: https://www.pinterest.com/drkatericciardi/



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