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Caitlin Donovan: Burnout Expert

May 26, 2020 | 0 comments

Caitlin Donovan: Burnout Expert

“Burnout is the extreme end of stress.  We’ve basically accepted that when we’re stressed out, we can have more pain, or we can have gut issues, we can have IBS, we can have whatever happens to come up.  But we continue along that path, and it starts to hit us, mind, body, soul.  We get resentful, and irritable, and snappy.  And we get extremely fatigued, and unable to exercise the way we used to and uninterested in our work, and feeling like no matter what we do, it’s not impactful anyway, so it doesn’t matter.”

Burnout: The Result From Neglecting Our Own Needs  

Are you feeling like you’ve been burning the candle at both ends and don’t know what to do?  And even if you did, do you even have the energy to do it?  Well this week’s episode of “What’s Up Down There?” is great one for you to listen to as guest, Caitlin Donovan, one of NYC’s leading burnout experts and host of the FRIED – The Burnout Podcast, shares her own struggle with burnout, as well as what causes it and how she helps her clients with it as well.


Our Past Experiences Can Make Us Susceptible to Burnout

An important part of dealing with burnout is figuring out the cause.  Our childhood and other trauma that we have gone through (sometimes without being aware we have experienced trauma), shape our beliefs about ourselves and others and what is expected from us.  If you have learned to not take care for yourself mentally and/ or physically as well as you should, you have a good chance of experiencing burnout.

”Trauma is a major burnout risk factor, especially when that trauma is unrecognized.”

Helping Others But Not Yourself

Giving too much of yourself to others to the point where you forget about and neglect your own needs is a surefire way to get burnt out.  In the podcast, Caitlin talks about the difference between “giving” and “gifting,” which is a very important distinction.  She also details “Three Rules For Helping People,” that will help you decide when is the right situation to help someone, as well as exceptions to the rules.  Sometimes we help people, or even inanimate objects, with problems that don’t even exist, which is so unnecessary and can quickly lead to burnout.

*”How can you know what you like, what you want, what you need, if your energy is in somebody else’s shit?”

Learn more about burnout and how Caitlin Donovan can help you with it in this eye-opening episode of “What’s Up Down There?” 

Key Points:

• Effects burnout has on your health.
• How Caitlin uses Chinese medicine to help her clients.
• Trauma’s role in burnout.
• Being too empathetic can cause you to neglect your own feelings..
• 3 Rules For Helping.
• Trust that other people have the ability and resources to handle their own problems.
• Wearing yourself out solving problems for inanimate objects.
• Difference between burnout prevention and burnout recovery.

Caitlin Donovan is one of NYC’s leading burnout experts, host of FRIED – The Burnout Podcast, and author of The Bouncebackability Factor (to be released fall 2020). With a master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Caitlin combines Eastern wisdom with her natural practicality. After treating over 25,000 patients, Caitlin pivoted to 1:1 coaching and DIY courses, corporate workshops, and keynotes with companies such as PTC and Lululemon – all with a focus on burnout.

She has been featured on podcasts and online magazines such as Elephant Journal, Thrive Global, Addicted 2 Success, The Confidence Academy, and Your Story Your Health.

Caitlin and her husband spent 12 years living in Europe and now have made their home with their white fluffy dog Flora in the greater NYC area. When Caitlin is not speaking or coaching on burnout, you can find her hiking, golfing, or x country skiing.

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