Are You RUNNING to the Bathroom?

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Are you RUNNING to the bathroom?

Oh dear, are you running to the bathroom every day or once a week, even once a month because of diarrhea?

Or to let out a fart that you just can’t hold in?

Maybe you’re constipated the rest of the time, or maybe you’re not sure?

Maybe you just never poop right, like me until I was about 39 years old?

Do you even know why that’s a problem?

Cuz, it’s a PROBLEM!

Well, let me fill you in. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ve already heard this, but just in case it didn’t sink in…

Your body is talking with you through your poop!

Poop is the number one way in which your body can communicate to you about its state of health. If you are running to the bathroom once or more per month, there is something going on in your body that needs to be addressed.

Similarly, if you are pooping tiny little balls most of the time, or tiny balls that are all stuck together, or not pooping at least once per day, there is also something going on in your body that needs to be addressed.

It’s called IBS, and it can be repaired!

What’s up down there?

First, we have to figure out WHAT is causing your IBS. WHY is your digestive tract moving too slowly or too quickly or alternating with both?

The cause of your IBS could be a number of things, but for sure, it’s not normal, and it can be repaired!

It could be a parasite(s), imbalanced gut bacteria, nonexistent gut bacteria, Candida overgrowth, and more that have you running to the bathroom.

The not-so-secret functional medicine secret:

There’s a simple way to figure out what’s causing your IBS, and most allopathic doctors will not suggest it (but it’s not a secret!)

It is the comprehensive stool test!

This is where it gets gross because you have to get up close and personal with your poop, but it’s sooooo worth it to stop feeling full, bloated, sleepy, achy, grumpy, poopy, and gassy all the time!

Hehe! That sounds like an IBS version of the 7 Dwarves!

Back on track, Laurie…

WHAT does the comprehensive stool test look for?

The comprehensive stool test that you do should last at least three days and should reveal:

  • Any parasites or other foreign invaders in your digestive tract
  • Candida overgrowth
  • Levels of all beneficial bacteria (if these are imbalanced or nonexistent, it can cause HUGE IBS symptoms, very much like a Candida overgrowth)
  • Digestion, inflammation and immune markers
  • Short chain fatty acids
  • Intestinal health markers

From this one test, you will get a wealth of information about your gut and why you feel gassy bloated, tired and achy.

It’s all connected!

Bacteria and Short Chain Fatty Acids

Perhaps the 2 most important parts of the comprehensive stool test are the levels of beneficial bacteria and the short chain fatty acids.

Short chain fatty acids are the end product of the bacterial fermentation process of dietary fiber by beneficial flora in the gut, playing an important role in the health of the GI as well as protecting against intestinal dysbiosis.

So, what that means is: Short chain fatty acids play a huge role in protecting our GI health. Their existence is also the direct result of our beneficial bacteria’s functioning in the GI tract.

So, beneficial bacteria do a job that creates short chain fatty acids, which are basically the backbone of our immune system as it exists in the GI tract.

Bacteria and the immune system

Without the correct levels of beneficial bacteria, the immune system is weakened and freaked out and therefore less able to remain calm when pathogens or processed or inflammatory foods pass through the digestive system.

This is one reason why the body can react with inflammation after meals, causing the 7 Dwarves of IBS mentioned earlier.

You don’t want to feel full, bloated, sleepy, achy, grumpy, poopy, and gassy all the time!

I can help you with this and so much more!

If you’re feeling like you’re ready to repair your gut and leave IBS in the dust, go ahead and schedule your FREE 30 Minute Repair Your Gut and Regain Your Energy Strategy Session with me.

We’ll get to the bottom of this for you and get you back to feeling normal and energetic again.



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