5 Tips for Reducing Detox Symptoms

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When detoxing from anything you will usually experience symptoms such as feeling like you have the flu, skin rashes, body aches, headache, brain fog or fatigue. I’ve got 5 tips for reducing detox symptoms while clearing your body of toxins.

These tips are particularly helpful if you’re going through my 7 Steps to Kill Candida Program.

When those little buggers are dead and floating around your body giving off toxic gasses, it can be really painful! I’m talking don’t wanna get out of bed headaches and joint pain feeling like you’re gonna die…

But back to why we’re here… the detox tips!

Get Your Sleep!

If you’re actively, purposely detoxing, you will need extra sleep. See if you can challenge yourself to be in bed by 10 pm.

Flush the Lymph

Flush the lymph through exercise. Last week, we talked about the importance of exercise for getting toxins out through sweat. Exercise is also useful for cleansing the lymphatic system, which helps toxins exit the body.

Try to include things like yoga, walking, dancing and biking. Stick to things you truly enjoy and stay away from activities that are overly strenuous.

Drinking 3-4 cups of plain hot water daily also helps to flush the lymph.

Stimulate the Liver

Two things that really help to stimulate and support the liver (a very important detox organ- the body’s filter) are coffee enemas and wheat grass enemas.

Emotional Cleansing

Care for yourself first. This is not a selfish thing to do. If your needs are met, you will be better able to meet the needs of others.

Focus on “primary foods.” Primary foods are things other than literal food that feed the soul. This could include personal relationships, quality time with family and friends, hanging out with a dog, walking in nature, or napping.

Allow yourself to let your emotions out. Sometimes, when we’re detoxing chemicals or foreign invaders from our bodies, negative emotions will come up. Allow yourself to cry. Feel the emotion and let it go. If you don’t allow this to happen when the negative emotions come up, you will stuff them back down inside you, which is not helpful.

Free the Mind

Try meditation. It can help with focus and processing emotion.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: the Insight Timer app is my favorite for guided meditation. It has something for every preference and level of experience.

Practice yoga! Focused breathing and moving the body in controlled ways is so soothing and calming and can really help with digestion and detox.

My favorite place to find yoga videos is on YouTube: yoga with Adriene. Adriene is funny and quirky and I love her! Plus, she has mostly short videos which really work with my busy schedule. You can still get some yoga in your day, even with just 15 minutes available.




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Laurie Seely

Laurie Seely